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Santorini | $3,000.00 per person

Choose group dates and cross this adventure off your bucket list!

Group 1: June 1th to 7th, 2022

Group 2: June 7th to 14th, 2022

The first and last day are travel days. Travel days are the days you will need to fly from your departure city and need to arrive and return home.

Our Santorini trip package is $3,000.00 per person. You are able to travel with your smaller group of friends and family within our larger groups. No gender restrictions. All ages are welcomed. Traveling Daej will allow you to travel like our travel specialist, Daeja Eunique. Want to travel at affordable rates and still indulge in what each country around us has to offer? If you answered yes, Travel Daej is the perfect company for you. We aim to make paradise possible, one group trip at a time.

Hotel During Trip Stay: We Will Vote On Our Hotel As a Group

You will have the option between a double queen size guest room or 1 king size guest room. * Hotel Amenities (some included at any extra fee to you through the hotel): * 24 Hours Fitness Center * Complimentary WiFi * In-Room Safe Deposit Box * LED TV 40" with multitude of satellite channels

Breakfast will be ready from 7am to 9am every morning until your final day of departure. For group activities transportation will be provided; please be dressed and ready by 9am. The group driver will depart at 9:05am, if you aren't ready, you will have to uber to the group activity or miss out for the day. Our group activities will begin after breakfast, leaving each person the afternoon to themselves to plan for other personal interests. Travel Daej does offer a separate service outside of your set package where we can plan out your personal free time. If you are interested in this service, please view our Greece Activity Menu on for the steps on how to reserve this service to include it with your package.

Day 1 in Santorini: Arrival to Santorini 

When you arrive at the airport, our Travel Daej driver will be awaiting your arrival with a Travel Daej sign. The sign will have the Travel Daej logo. You will be experiencing jet lag because of the time difference, so we will use your landing day to settle into your room, getting familiar with the surrounding area of our hotel,eat, and prepare for the next day. We will be hosting a welcome ceremony at our hotel,please feel free to join us at 7pm for live performances, music, food, drinks, and fun!

Day 2 in Santorini: Photoshoot/ Beach Day

We will be having a professional photoshoot on the beach.

 If you choose not to take personal pictures, you are free to just enjoy your time at the beach.

Suggested Theme: White swimsuit for a group photo

Day 3 in Santorini:

HorseBack Riding on the Beach

Day 4 in Santorini:

Scuba Diving/ Morning Boat Ride 

Day 5 in Santorini: 

Winding Down Before Departure: You are free to explore until 3 hours before your flight. Please have your bags packed. The shuttle will take you back to the airport. Thank you for allowing Travel Daej to make paradise possible for you!


What is included in your total trip cost? 

The total cost of the $3,000.00 includes your flight cost, travel to and from the airport, travel to and from the group excursion locations, the cost of your stay at your hotel, all group excursion activities, complimentary breakfast, and Travel Daej Gear! When securing your security deposit fee to secure your spot on the trip, you will have the option to include your full name, email, and phone number.You will be required to make weekly or monthly payments through your Travel Daej account. Once you complete your security deposit, you will be emailed the steps on how to completely set up your payment plan account and on how to opt into Travel Daej’s text message system. Travel Daej will be emailing you trip updates and important information, so please read each email in its entirety. Once we receive your first payment from your payment plan, you will be receiving a welcome folder in the mail with the full daily itinerary, our suggestions, a Travel Daej souvenir, a packing list, a copy of our policies, and a folder for you to keep all of your important trip information inside. We recommend printing your flight itinerary and hotel address once we fully book them. Once your flight is booked (after paying on your payment plans), you will be emailed your flight itinerary and the confirmation code you will need to check into your flight at the airport. The airlines we use will vary based on the travel destination and departure city. Please make sure we have a current and valid mailing address and email address for you on file if it ever changes through the duration of your time with us.


Travel Daej's Loyalty Program: 

Refer A Friend and Receive $25 off of your total trip cost. Friend referrals are not applied until you submit your security deposit to reserve your spot on the trip. For every friend you refer, it is $25 off! Time to make some calls!